Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Daniels Traded

Unfortunely, the off season has claimed it's first Maverick fan favorite. According to ESPN's Mark Stein, the Mavs have traded Marquis Daniels to the Indiana Pacer's for Austin Croshere.

We hate to see Marquis go after seeing him devolope from an undrafted free agent out of Auburn to an NBA contributer. He was even the only player on the Mavs that could even slow down Dwyane "Whistles" Wade. Unfortunely, he fell behind Josh Howard and Jerry Stackhouse at the SF position but managed to pick up some minutes as a back up point guard to Devin Harris.

The Mavs hope the newly drafted Maurice Ager can fill his shows and then some. The Mavs aquired Croshere as a Keith Van Horn fill in. He can shoot hit open jumpers from behind the arc and can probably play a little better D than Van Horn. The Mavs are still looking for a true PF to back up Dirk and a true point to back up Devin. Van Horn has been getting offers as a free agent and looks to probably be playing elsewhere next season.

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