Monday, June 19, 2006


Put up or Shut up time

Now is the time for the Mavs to shine. We'll have to put behind us all the questionable occurrences and either put up or shut up. Despite the bad week in Miami, the Mavs still have an excellent chance to win this championship.

Stack is back and probably back with a vengeance. The fire has been lit under the Mavs and their backs are against the wall. Even the national media is behind us. Everybody from Reggie Miller to the columnists on ESPN's Around the Horn are talking how the Mavs were jobbed and have lost their intrigue for Wade and the Heat. On an ESPN pole, 47% of the 174,925 people voting said the Mavs will win in seven. With all that said, here are some things to look at for game 6.

Look for Avery to use Marqis Daniels (above) on Wade more. He seemed to be the most effective defender but he'll have help. The Mavs will be sending two or three guys at Wade forcing him to give the ball up and make players like Walker, Williams and Payton to beat us.

Also look for Mavs to bury there heads early and head straight a the basket and at Shaq to try and get to the line. The league is well aware of its bias national perception and look for the Mavs to capitalize by trying to get to the line.

P.S. If your going to the game, you better not have a voice by the end of it. It doesn't matter if the Mavs are down by 20 and Wade seems like MJ. Keep the support coming or it will be the last

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