Friday, June 16, 2006


Game 4 Thoughts

For all the talk about how the NBA was cleaning up old school basketball, last night sure looked like a step back. While Dirk obviously did not play the kind of ball we are accustomed of seeing from him, it sure looked like it had a lot to do with the physical defense of Miami. Haslem and Posey were constantly up in Dirk's chest the entire game. The game is supposed to allow the premiter players to be able to drive as handchecking is illegal. Yet, to me at least, it seemed when Dirk was out on the perimeter, he was not granted the same luxury as a guard.

The Mavericks need to do what they do best: rebound and fast breaks. Miami once again dominated the boards. Dallas relies on getting those loose balls that often result in fast break points and high percentage shots. If Dallas wants to avoid coming home down 3-2, they need a team effort on the boards in addition to Dirk and Howard having a better performance than game four.

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