Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Game 3 Notes

Nothing much to say about the game tonight. As Riley said, the Heat got lucky at some points in the game...I'm not sure about the refs call on JET at the end of the game. Looked like a pretty tacky foul then the refs seem to swallow their whistles for the rest of the game. Also if anyboyd knows why JET didn't get the bucket when he got foul and Alonzo Mourning goaltended and he still made the basket, leave a comment...J-Ho looked real good but unfortunately this game broke his undefeated when scoring 20+ streak...Damp was awesome: Best game he's had with Dallas in the playoffs...Dirk looked really pissed in the post game press conference. Look for him to come out aggressive and have a much better first quarter next game. If he can put together a good 1st quarter he could have had 40 in the last two games...I think Avery will also make some adjustments to slow down wade like he did to Nash in the Phoenix series...I'd be shocked if the Mavs don't go into Game 5 up 3-1.

I'd be shocked if they didn't win this one, too..... is it tempting fate to "want" them to tank another so that Dallas can win it in 6 on their home floor? :)

Yeah, maybe we should at least get the 3rd win before we start planning parades, and the 4th before we celebrate
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