Sunday, June 18, 2006


Enough is enough

I've bought into Avery's hardnosed tough no excuse attitude but this has been ridiculous. I hear the conspiracy theory thoughts on the NBA and I blow them off saying its part of the game but this is too much. The missing 3.5 seconds from game three. The three suspensions this playoffs, none of which have been consistent with any NBA ruling all year other than Terry's. The phantom foul (photo) on Wade by Dirk along with the Timeout confusion. It all makes a big stink. If the Congress wants something to look at other than hunting steroid users, they should take a look into the NBA's amazing ability to make mistakes. We may have an Italian soccer scandal on our hands.

WHY is everyone upset??? The Mavs will win in 7 --

Game 3: Miami plays the PERFECT GAME, Wade scores 40+, Shaq is awesome, they hit 3 after 3, Dallas gives up (leading bt 13 with 6min to go), crowd behind them, GERIATRIC PAYTON MAKES THE GO AHEAD SHOT, Dirk MISSES the tying FT.... and ***MIAMI ONLY WINS BY 2.

Game 4: Dallas waves the white flag. Shoots 22 three pointers, makes 3? Dirk has a "nightmare night". More 30+point Wade explosion, Starters pulled early in 4th quarter, J-Ho a NO SHOW, Stack's hard foul... ***MIAMI wins big, yet DALLAS STILL WAS ONLY DOWN BY 10 LATE IN THE 3RD***

Game 5: Dallas plays WITHOUT 13ppg Stack, Wade shoots as many FTS as Dallas, Dallas gets NO FTA in the 3RD, Damp & Dirk "almost" were the heroes, Wade scores 40 but half of that is at the foul line, Avery gets a technical, bonehead timeout, DIRK misses ANOTHER FT, J-HO misses TWO STRAIGHT FTs, an Overtime game at an Away crowd..... and ****MIAMI ONLY WINS BY 1 IN OT*****

Why the freakouts?

Dallas played as terrible as possible, and yet 2 made fts in 2 games and we'd be the nba champs yet?

I know knee jerk reactions are ruling, and I know it's natural to be afraid of being down 2-3 (TNT's Kenny Smith's houston team came back and won facingn that in '94), but c'mon, i mean, all the freaking stars and planets had to align perfectly and Miami BARELY survived! Is there ANYONE HERE that ACTUALLY THINKS Miami can win a game in Dallas??? ANYONE????
The reason why people are so concerned is when the refs and the league gets involved, it takes the game out of the hands of the players. The league is suppose to be a neutral third party organizing the games and when bias comes into the game then it doesn't matter what the players do.

I do agree that the Mavs have a good chance to still win this and a lot of this may be general frustrations with the series. However, if the Mavs don't pull this out, the NBA has a lot of questions to answer.
Don't forgot the no call on Wade's illegal backcourt.
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